Święty Jerzy is a Warsaw-based creative collective

We specialize in cultural and tech projects. We develop strategies and coordinate its execution.


national digital archives


In 2017, we were responsible for creating the National Digital Archives strategy.

The project consisted of three stages: analysis of documents (normative, strategic and analytical), qualitative research on a group of employees at various levels and clients of the office as well as strategic workshops with the management of the institution.

Together, we redefined the mission and role of the National Digital Archives and developed a plan of action for three years.

przemiany festival 2017


In 2017, we were responsible for the campaign of Przemiany, a festival organized by the Copernicus Science Center.

The cooperation included creating festival slogans, choosing a creative agency and a creative direction over the campaign, as well as developing video materials.

The campaign was carried out by Podpunkt studio, Gagarin Studio and employees of the Copernicus Science Center.

signum foundation


In 2016, we created a website for the Signum Foundation, a private institution connecting charitable activities for children and youth with promoting XX and XXI century art.

Our cooperation did not involve creating a new logo, so the main challenge of the project was to find a new visual identity, based on the old sign.

The creative concept is based on a consistent application of the principles of the logo design in all elements of the page. Custom distances between characters, subdued colors and a delicate logo font translated into a minimalist design of the new website of the foundation.

empowering children foundation

logo www

In 2016 we participated in the process of rebranding, whereby the Dzieci Niczyje Foundation (Nobody’s Children Foundation) has evolved into the Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę Foundation (Empowering Children Foundation).

We took part in developing the concept of the new logo, as well as the structure of information and usability of the new website.

The main objective of changing the identity of the foundation was to base the brand on positive emotions, referring to the effects of the foundation’s activities, as well as simplification of communication directed to a number of target groups.

the euro paradox


In 2016 we designed a cover for The Euro Paradox, a book by Stefan Kawalec and Ernest Pytlarczyk.

The design is an allegorical representation of the content of the publication – centrally positioned currency symbol, the frame and the warning red colour are meant to resemble the structure of prohibitory traffic signs.

Simple aesthetics is an intentional reference to the excellent covers of the Polish editions of books by Thomas Piketty and Joseph Stiglitz.

kadr cultural center

advisory strategy

In 2016 we advised on the process of creating a strategy for a Mokotów cultural center, Kadr.

In connection with moving to a new, much larger building, Kadr needed both strategy and a program that take into account the change in scale of operations.

More than 30 hours of working meetings with the executives resulted in the strategic and tactical recommendations. Our cooperation was part of a wider work carried out by the programming team of Kadr.

białołęka cultural centre

logo print

In 2015 we designed a visual identity system and developed a concept of promotion of Białołęka Cultural Centre (BOK).

The visual identification system included 6 major projects of BOK. For each of them we created a new logo and defined guidelines for designing promotional materials. We did not design the main logo of the institution.

The concept of promotion implied limiting the types of printed materials used by the Centre and enhancing the consistency of materials promoting various activities of BOK.

przemiany festival

communication strategy

In 2014 and 2015 we collaborated with Copernicus Science Centre and we were responsible for the promotion of Przemiany Festival. In 2015 we also took part in the development of a long term overall strategy for the festival.

In 2014 the communication team working on the festival consisted of : OWL PR, Jakub Jezierski, Piotr Chuchla, Papaya Films, Marta Pruska, Bartek Warzecha and the employees of CSC.

In 2015 the communication team working on the festival consisted of: OWL PR, Rytm Interactive, Black Media, Gagarin Studio, Piotr Nowacki and the employees of CSC.

new warsawers festival


In 2015 we created a logo for Nowi Warszawiacy festival (New Warsawers Festival), which aims at building a modern and inclusive identity of Warsaw.

The idea for the logo came from the realization that we can not identify a coherent system of values, on which the identity of this city is build .

We proposed a sign, the essence of which is change and diversity. The logo does not have one settled form. The fonts and the positions of the letters morph.

golba music

logo print www

In 2015 we created the visual identity and website for Golba Music, a music publishing  company.

The website design is based on unconventional layout and a unique navigation mechanism.

The logo simplified comes down to the key bass, which is a transformed version of the first letter of the company name.

michał martychowiec


Since 2014 we have collaborated with Michal Martychowiec – a Berlin based artist of Polish origin.

We created websites and identification for Michał, his project dedicated to documenting architecture and art called 01AD, as well as for his gallery in Berlin, called MMS2.

Our graphic solutions here are thought to give space to the presented works, without overwhelming them with their convention.


the arthur rubinstein philharmonic

logo print www

In 2014 we participated in the competition for the identification and website of The Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic. In the finals we made two proposals.

The first one is based on a logo evoking association with sound, derived from the opening notes of the favourite piece of the philharmonic’s patron.

The second proposal refers to the shape of the building, which after simplifying became synonymous with the letters F (stands for Filharmonia, which is philharmonic in Polish) and Ł, which stands for Łódź (the name of the city).

polish history museum

strategy www

In 2014 we took part in a contest for a website of the Polish History Museum. In the finals we proposed an online communication strategy and two proposals of the web page design.

The first proposal was based on a content block layout, which allows to present a number of equivalent elements simultaneously.

The second proposal, characterized by greater simplicity in graphical solutions, allowed a stronger emphasis on specific content.


photo strategy

In 2013 we created a marketing strategy and campaign materials for a Polish jewelry brand called TAKK.

The photo session team consisted of: photographer Michał Martychowiec, producer Franek Buchner, stylist Robert Kiełb and makeup artist  Zosia Krasuska.

We tried to create pictures which are delicate and intriguing, in opposition to the vulgarity often present in fashion campaigns.

griffin art space

print strategy www

Since 2013 we have been collaborating with Griffin Art Space Foundation. During this period, we have created a communication strategy, a website and numerous prints and advertising materials.

The website has been adjusted to the dynamics of the institution, which since its launch has expanded its area of operation by three cities. This is why the key feature of the site is its scalability.

In the graphic materials we try to use a restrained tone, so that they don’t interfere with the identification of cultural events, during which they are used.